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Let’s understand what energy is and take a look at what types of energy you are made of. 

Then a simple framework to help you generate more energy on a daily basis. Understanding and maintaining your energies is essential for vitality, emotional balance, and stress resilience.

Energy is ALL there is and that is a fact of physics. Our physical world is an illusion and by that, I do not mean it isn’t real, I mean it is not what it appears. Investigate the true nature of matter and it is made of atoms reveals there is more ‘space’ than particles and investigate those ‘particles’ to find more of the same. Your body and our world is a coalescence of vibration or energy. You appear solid in the same way, to use a crude analogy, you look at a ceiling fan rotating at high speed and it appears solid. It would certainly feel solid if you stuck your hand in it but you know that when it stops the space appears.

What is Energy?

Good question. Any physics textbook will tell you that energy is the capacity to do work. This means a transfer of energy. Energy is always carried by something. Usually in the form of movement. Examples of different types of energy, energy comes in different forms, would be solar energy, thermal, chemical, nuclear, electrical, electromagnetic, motion also known as kinetic energy. Those are just some examples.

Ian Johnston, Science Correspondent from the Independent, wryly observes what the three main branches of science would state your human body is mostly made of:

“Water,” says the biologist.

“Oxygen,” insists the chemist, raising the insubstantiality of our existence a step further.

“Nothing,” retorts the physicist, clearly winning what seems like a competition to make humans disappear in a puff of logic.

What Energy Are You Made Of?

In relation to your body, let’s think about the invisible processes that are happening right now in terms of energy. There are dynamic patterns of electrical, electromagnetic, and subtle energy systems that are moving in specific ways in and around your body. For example, the heart is your largest electrical generator, and that creates an electromagnetic field that can be measured by scientific instruments, several feet away from your body. 

That’s an example of measurable energy within the body. Now, imagine if you could see that with your own eyes. 

You are an:
and subtle energy being.

These types of energy are organised and identified as specific energy systems in and around your body that work in harmony to govern fundamental biological processes. This includes a biofield that emanates from and surrounds your body and pathways that regulate the flow of energy within your body. 

How Can You Generate More Energy?

It is about harnessing these energies. It’s about helping them spiral, stream, weave and criss-cross in a way that supports your vibrancy and life. Imagine this energy flowing through your body in the same way electricity is made in a power station, and going out to homes to bring light and power. A power station doesn’t have energy, it generates energy. You are the generator. You are the power station.

Just like brushing your teeth and taking a shower energy work is best done regularly to stay cohesive and in flow with life. If your energy field is scrambled what you manifest in the world will be scrambled. 

For me, keeping my energy aligned looks like this. I don’t know how I functioned effectively before learning how to maintain my energies during the day. It’s a quick process, 2-15 mins each time.

  1. Morning Energy Alignment: set your energy field so you feel physically and emotionally grounded.
  2. Regular breaks to realign: create focus during the day so you can achieve your day with ease. Especially important if working at my laptop and before and after each client session:
  3. Evening Energy Reset: release stress, balance emotions, ‘wash-off’ the energies of the day. 

Three of my favourite energy moves can be found HERE in this free energy masterclass to support your energy alignment for Focus & Calm. These can be used to create steps 1, 2, and 3.