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This free video training gives you 3 simple & powerful energy medicine tools to release stress and align your energy fields for the best version of yourself.

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My name is Nicola. I’m an energy intuitive and I’ve been working with the language of energy for over a decade.

I’m committed to helping you be the best version of yourself by creating all the energy you could wish for.

Energy is ALL there is!

That is a fact of physics.
And life of your dreams needs energy with a capital E

What’s in the way of you tapping into unlimited energy every day?
Short answer: trapped emotions (E-motion, energy in motion)
and a scrambled energy system.

Your energy level affects your happiness, productivity,
health, relationships, hormones, focus and stress resilience.

That’ll be everything in your life then …

What vibe is your energy sending out right now?

Your subconscious beliefs and patterns are held as vibrations and information in your energy field.

I help you release and let go of anything in the way of an empowering vibration, wherever you are in the world.


My body, soul and mind have been feeling so good.


I feel cheerful and joyful and have a sense of calm and centeredness that I haven’t felt in years and years.


I’m now full of energy, grounded, dealing with stress so much more easily, my creativity and passion for life and work is flowing again and I have regained my focus.


The best aspect of one on one energy work is that you target directly what your subconscious is ready to release in the specific moment. In my experience, it also helped to create a stronger bond with you and build trust, essential qualities when you are working at such a deep level in your personal development.


I have made more progress with Nicola’s energy work than in 9 years of talk therapy


I have a lot more vitality and feel overall happier. I’ve had to have some tough conversations with people and was able to do it in a calm and grounded way. I know it’s because of the energy work I’ve been practicing.


I always felt supported, unconditionally. What I want to emphasize is that I love how Nicola works with people without judging. You can really feel that. I never felt like a client but like a friend. This quality of friendships makes it much easier, I think, to open yourself to your own healing energy.


What have you got to lose?! The energy is inside of you.
You deserve to let it out.



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