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What exactly is the definition of Energy Medicine?

Good question. I want to share this understanding to expand your consciousness and uncover a way to commune with the wisdom of yourself. 

Energy Medicine is the last frontier of modern medicine and also connects to ancient energy wisdom and spiritual traditions. Help build that bridge now for your personal empowerment.

What Is Energy Medicine?

Several energy fields work independently and as a unified field to impact biological processes within your body. 

Here is a simplified overview:

  • Biofield, which permeates and surrounds your body
  • Local fields, concentrated in specific areas of your body
  • Energy Pathways, transport and regulate the flow of energy around your body.

These fields have a direct correlation with energy systems mapped by ancient cultures and the healing traditions of many different cultures. 

energy medicine is the future of medicine

Healing traditions from as long as 5000 years ago use terminology that has been adopted by modern language such as your aura (biofield), your chakras (localized fields), and meridians (energy pathways). 

The types of energy found in these distinct systems are electrical, electromagnetic, and subtle energy. Some of which can be measured by scientific instruments, some of the most subtle vibrations and frequencies as of yet are not measurable in a lab.

If you feel curious to go deeper TM Srinivasan gives an in-depth overview of the origins of the term in an article found at the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

How Can It Empower You

Energy Medicine is a simple and powerful self-care language and tool kit of techniques as well as something to explore with a qualified practitioner. Both ways go hand in hand to support your health, vitality, and balance. 

energy medicine empowers you to connect with and positively impact your physical, emotional and mental being.

Clinical strengths of a complimentary paradigm are outlined in David Feinstein’s, Ph.D,  6 Pillars Of Energy Medicine. A clinical psychologist and author of seven books and more than fifty professional papers, he has taught at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

  1. REACH

    Energy Medicine can address biological processes at their energetic foundations so is able to impact the full spectrum of physical conditions


    Energy Medicine regulates biological processes with precision, speed, and flexibility


    Energy Medicine fosters healing and prevents illness with methods that can be readily, economically, and non-invasively applied


    Energy Medicine includes methods that can be utilized on an at-home, self-help basis, fostering a stronger patient and practitioner partnership in the healing process


    Energy Medicine adopts non-linear concepts consistent with distant healing, the healing impact of prayer, and the role of intention in healing


    Energy Medicine strengthens the integration of body, mind, and spirit, leading not only to a focus on healing, but to achieving greater well-being, peace, and passion for life

Information is held as vibration in your body, energy is vibration and physical matter is energy. Just as you receive a call on your mobile phone, a radio wave carries information translated into audio, your body’s energy and vibrations hold the information of your life’s experiences, emotions, and patterns. 

Energy Medicine is a way to tap into these vibrations and create energy movement to bring about change in a transformative way. It gives you a way to think better and feel better. 

Ready To Learn Some Simple & Powerful Energy Medicine Techniques?

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